STE Pack 1226 – Welcome Back

Greetings Cub Scout Parents,

Welcome to the 2018 fall semester. We hope you had a wonderful summer, it sure went quick around here. If your boys attended Twilight camp, or the boy scout camp at HMNS or other council activities please note that they do not automatically report back to the packs, so if your boys attended any camps or earned advancements on their own please reach out to your den leaders so we can get them recognized.

Because of the busy schedules at STE we do not have as many meetings as traditional packs/dens. As you read through the requirements for your boys it would be great if you could think of how many steps can be covered on their own. A chore around the house or a discussion at dinner can help with advancement. Please also consider where your life experience, education or training may overlap with scouting. First responders, military, medical personnel, at home parents, clergy, you name it. You all have expertise that your den leader may not. A few minutes at a den meeting you may already be attending can help the den as they advance. Having your son look up to you with a new perspective is a thrill as well.

Our first pack meeting is Saturday September 8th at 5:00PM in the gym. This is our rally night where we welcome new scouts into the pack. Please ask you boys to wear their class A’s so we can put on a good show for the new families. Please help your boys earn their Recruiter patch by encouraging them to talk to their friends about joining the fun. Pizza will be provided.

Please fill out the attached medical form for your boys and any adult or child attending our camp outs. If your children attend St Thomas you can write “ On File at STE” in the medical history section.

As many of you know, the dues we pay each year for Scouts only cover a portion of our expenses. The remainder has always been funded through annual fundraising (mainly popcorn, but also coupon books). Last year, due to Hurricane Harvey, we elected not to sell popcorn. We were very fortunate that in the years before us, fundraising had allowed for a “cushion” that supplemented the money we paid in dues and allowed us to provide the boys with a great year of Scout activities. However, we have depleted a significant portion of our savings in doing so, and need to get back to regular business in order to continue providing the same great activities to the boys and build our savings back up for the boys who will come after ours.

With that said, we plan to offer two different dues options for this year. Families with multiple Scouts may elect to do all option 1, all option 2, or a combination of the two (option 1 for the first child and option 2 for the second).

Pay dues of $100 (same as last year) and sell popcorn. We will ask each boy to do his best to sell $250 in popcorn. Selling popcorn not only raises needed funds for our pack but it’s also a great learning experience for the boys, and the boys can work towards goals to win prizes. Ian worked hard to sell more because he wanted to get the tent, and though he didn’t make it, he loved that he had actually earned something. Remember also, that a great option if people don’t eat or like popcorn, is to offer a donation of popcorn to the troops. This option is on page 11 of the attached presentation as well.
Pay dues of $200 and elect not to sell popcorn (or sell with no specific goal).

The options above will allow us to break even on our expenses this year. If our boys sell more popcorn than our goal amount, we will be able to replenish some of the savings that we depleted last year. More details about our pack finances will be provided at the first meeting. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out with any specific questions.

Popcorn sales have already begun. The attached presentation covers the different options for selling. I encourage you to consider using the new app (page 8) to keep track of things. It allows real time CC payments without the need to keep up with the cash or checks. There is also a new online program that allows you to create a unique link you can email to friends and family that may wish to support the pack. The details are page 8 of the presentation. If you would prefer traditional order sheets Vickie and I will keep them in our cars or let me know and I will find a way to get them to you.

Thank you all for all you do for our boys. I look forward to seeing you at rally night and a great year of scouting.

Jay Loftis

Cub Master